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Accountant & Financer [5] Assistant &Secretary [2] Supervisors [3] Officers / Staff [1] Project Management /NGO [0]
Advisers /Councilor [0] Department Manager [0] Volunteers [1] Proposal / Bids [1] Trainees /Workshop [0]
General Manager /CEO [1] Translation & Interpretation [0]

Training Courses

Course TitleTraining Date
Quick Books Accounting Software Skills 2-3Mon-Tue
Effective Proposal Writing and Fundraising 5-6Thur-Fri
Effective Facilitation Skills 9-10Mon-Tue
Results Based Management (RBM) 12-13Thur-Fri
Internal Financial Controlling and Risk Management 16 -17Mon-Tue
Advanced Training of Trainer 16 -17Mon-Tue
Leadership Skills 19-20Thur-Fri
Effective Communication, Influence and Persuasion Skills 23-24Mon - Tue
Conflict Resolution & Mediation Skills 26-27Thur - Fri
Secretary and Administrative Skills 30-31Mon - Tue
Effective Report Writing Skills 2-3Thur - Fri
Community Development 2-3Thur-Fri
Accounting for Non-Accountant 6-7Mon-Tue
Performance Management and Development 9-10Thur -Fri
Office Management 13-14Mon-Tue
Project Management and Risk Mitigation 16 -17Thur-Fri
Assets, Inventory & Stock Management 20-21Mon-Tue
Project Cycle Management (PCM) 23-24Thur -Fri
Training of Trainers (ToT) 27 -28Mon-Tue
Baseline Survey 2-3Thur-Fri
Project Monitoring & Evaluation Using SPSS 5-6Mon-Tue
Human Resource Management (HRM) 9-10Thur-Fri
Accounting & Taxation ( Using Quick book ) 13-14Mon-Tue
CEO Skills 16-17Thur-Fri
Personnel Management and Employee Motivation 20-21Mon-Tue
Procurement & Contract Management Skills 23-24Thur-Fri
Project Planning & Design 27-28Mon-Tue
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 30-31Thur-Fri

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